What A Year

Looking back at my first blog post from August of 2016, it’s funny to see how much unexpected changes have happened since I first embarked on my collegiate journey. There’s a few gaps in my blog posts, so let me give a quick run down of how my school year went:

It all started when I pulled out of the corn fields and into the medium sized town of Ames on a humid August day down in Iowa. My parents dropped me off at Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity that I had joined the summer going into school, and I was officially a college student. I had an awesome fall. I met great people, took interesting classes, and even managed to get in some volunteer hours through service projects my fraternity put on. My first semester GPA was lower than I had hoped, but I was prepared for a strong second semester. The same strip of highway that I had taken in August was now covered in snow, and I headed back to Minneapolis.  It wasn’t until I got home for winter break when I realized things might not go as smooth as I had expected.

I knew going to an out of state school would be pricy, but I was not prepared for the shock I received when I looked at my bank account. I was down to about $500, and I still had another semester to pay for. I had already taken out as much government loans as I could take out, and it now came down to whether or not I wanted to take out private student loans. After taking some business courses, and learning more about economics and finance, I knew there was no way I would dig myself farther into debt. It was a tough decision, but I decided not to attend ISU for a second semester. I looked over my options and after narrowing down a list of about 15 schools, I had decided that I would most likely want to attend the University of Minnesota. Rather than make another impulsive decision, I decided to take a semester at MCTC which in return would let me stay on track credit-wise and buy me a few extra months of decision making time.

After studying most week days at the U of M, and hanging out with my friends that went there, I realized that the U of M was the place I wanted to be in the fall of 2017. I applied to the College of Food and Agriculture intending to major in Applied Economics. The next couple months we’re pretty stressful. I started my summer job as a landscaper which took up most of my focus, but the thought of not getting into the U of M was always in the back of my mind. It was the only school I applied to for the fall semester, so I really put all my eggs in one basket. I started to nervously come up with back-up plans for what to do if my application was denied. Luckily, about two weeks ago I finally heard back, and I am now officially a student at the U of M! I still need to attend orientation and sign up for classes, but I feel as though a very heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

The rest of my summer should be pretty straight forward. I am renting a house with a buddy in Dinkytown this fall, so the final months of summer are gonna be dedicated towards grinding out as much work as I can to save up for the cost of rent and tuition. I am also going to invest my energy in finding a job during the school year, catching up on school related things like orientation and scholarships, and overall preparing for the year ahead of me.

I had no idea that my college experience would turn out like this. It has been mostly stressful, very surprising, and a little exciting. I’m happy that I finally have a stable plan for the fall, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things!

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