Settling into the U of M

After a relatively stressful previous school year, I’m happy to say I’m finally settled into the U of M! Classes started this past Monday, and I am living off campus, in Dinkytown, with two of my buddies from high school. Switching schools twice has resulted in some unexpected, but probably pretty common inconveniences like accidental discrepancies in FAFSA info which led to unsent official transcripts, the possibility of owing MCTC a few thousand bucks, and a domino effect of other snags. However, after a summer of frequent MCTC visits, digging through old tax returns, and navigating my way through the consistently contradicting diagnoses as to what was wrong with my account, I was finally able to clear it all up and have a burdenless end to the summer. On September 1st I moved into my new house, just in time to have family and friends over for a Birthday celebration that weekend. Now, a week later, my house has slowly evolved from a post-move clutter of boxes, and into a place that feels like home. After a week of accustoming my self with the campus and settling in, I’m happy to start my collegiate adventure at the U of M.

Another reason I’m excited to start school at the U is because I just found out my GPA starts over from scratch. I worked hard in school last year, but my GPA was not as high as I hoped it would be. This fresh slate is giving me the opportunity to have a new beginning and a GPA that more accurately reflects my intelligence. I’m also happy about this because currently I’m in the College of Food and Natural Sciences, but if I have a strong enough semester, hopefully I’ll be able to transfer into Carlson School of Management. It’ll be a lot of work, but going into business is my dream, and if I put in the effort I know I’ll be able to achieve my goal.

Well shoot. As I finished writing this blog post I recieved a message from the site I ordered MCTC transcripts from saying they couldn’t be sent because I still owe MCTC money… I’ve already cleared up my account balance with a Financial Aid Officer there, but this is a prime example of the continuously contradicting information I’ve been receiving from them. That’s just life though, no need for me to stress about it. My FAFSA clearly qualifies for aid from MCTC, and I know it’ll all get sorted out eventually. Well, aside from that little snag, it’s time to embark on an educational adventure at the University of Minnesota. I can’t wait to keep you all updated!

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