I’ve learned a Lot This October

When I was in 5th grade, we had a class called “Media”. In this class we’d learn everything from how to find books in a library, to important computer skills that would come in handy in the future. One of the ways they taught us computer skills was through a game called “Type To Learn”. In this game, you’d type words and phrases on your keyboard to gain points, and eventually you’d move onto higher levels, finish the game, and be excellent at typing. I however, HATED Type To Learn. So instead of doing the tasks assigned, I improved my ability to balance an imaginary marble across a race track and played may favorite computer game “Marble Blast Gold” instead. I was already one of the fastest typist in the class using only my two index fingers, so I saw no purpose relearning a skill I already considered myself a master at. Fast forward to September of 2017, and I am a 20 year old man playing typing games for children to teach myself how to type with all ten fingers. Its now the end of October, and I can happily say that I am typing this blog post with all ten fingers. Aside from learning a skill that I should have learned almost a decade ago, I have learned many important skills these past few months through my increased workload and first time truly living alone.

One important skill I’ve learned over the past couple months is better time management. I’ve always had a problem organizing my daily tasks, but I’ve made it a top priority this year to perfect this important life skill. I have pretty bad ADD and am prescribed a medication which helps tremendously, but I hate the idea of needing to take a pill to complete tasks that are crucial in obtaining a successful future. I still take my Adderall from time to time, but now that I’ve developed a habit of making to-do lists for the upcoming day, and have started reading into the routines of successful people and applying these habits into my life, I find it much easier to make time for important tasks as well as motivate myself to stay focused even when the task at hand is dull or tedious.

Another important skill I’ve learned since starting my sophomore year at the U of M is how to manage my life outside of school, which in return boosts my academic work ethic. This is my first year truly living alone. Yeah I technically lived alone during my time at Iowa State, but this year I don’t have a dining hall to stroll down to when I need food, and I don’t have only a 12 x 8 foot room in a fraternity to clean. Living in a house off campus with no parents or dorm staff, I’ve taught myself how to make time for cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries, and how to do all of these conscious the the fact that I have limited time and money. This is an important life skill to have no matter how old you are, and is a crucial skill to master if you want to live a less stressful life. I am also able to transfer this new level of responsibility towards academic aspects of my life as well, which has helped me better manage my studying time, and has increased my educational work ethic.

These past few months at the U of M have been unbelievable. I’ve learned tons of new things in the classroom, but on top of that, I’ve learned many important skills that help me be the best person I can be in both my academic and personal life. I’m excited to keep you all updated as the fall semester approaches its final two months, and hopefully with the use of these improved skills and habits I’ll have another positive blog post!


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