End of an Awesome Semester

It’s weird how the concept of time can change when you’re in a place you enjoy. Four months ago I was moving into a run down college house in Dinkytown, nervous, excited, and ready to start my journey towards a degree from the U of M. Next thing I know, there’s snow on the ground, and I’m at my favorite library, studying for my last final of the fall semester that I will take on Wednesday the 20th. All the late nights at the library, presentations, homework, and football games seem like they crammed into the length of a month, and its hard to believe it’s been almost 2018. It’s been an excellent semester though, and I’m glad that my confusing journey from Iowa State to MCTC led me to the U of M. I’ve had a fun but focused semester, and although my classes were quite challenging at times, I’m excited to see my final report card, and strive for another successful semester next spring. I’ve signed up for classes, and if I get into the classes I chose, I will be happy to start taking upper level classes that are more centralized on my intended major. Have a happy holidays everyone, and I can’t wait to write another update in February, and let you know how school is going!

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