The Second Semester

So far, the second semester has been pretty great! I was unable to sign up for a biology class that I will eventually need because the wait list was full, so I am only taking 12 credits. I don’t mind the lack of credits though, and I plan on filling in the spare time by either finding a job on campus, or taking the pre-licensing classes needed to obtain my real estate license. I have been talking to a realtor who helped find a house for my mom a few years back, and I am planning on meeting her for coffee within the upcoming weeks, so hopefully I can learn some valuable information about what a job in real estate entails.

Although I am only taking 12 credits, the classes that I am taking are pretty demanding. The two most challenging ones for me are Business Statistics and Intermediate Applied Microeconomics. I am doing fine in both classes so far, but some of the concepts and equations are very confusing. I know that if I keep working hard though, I will do well in each class and end my sophomore year on a positive note. However, it definitely made me realize that my current major, Applied Economics, might not be the right fit for me, so in the next couple weeks I will be meeting with my councilor to discuss pivoting towards Food and Ag Business Management with an emphasis in Financial Analysis.

To anyone who is reading this, I hope you enjoy the warm weather and I can’t wait to update you next month on how my semester is going!

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