First Month Into The Semester

Hi Guys,

It’s crazy to think I am already halfway to graduation! Classes are becoming more challenging, but since they all have to do with my major (besides the last science credit I needed to get out of the way), they have been much more interesting. My favorite class is Entrepreneurial Management, because although I am interested in my major, which is Econ, ideally I hope to start and run my own company one day. About a week ago, we had to come up with ideas for a company and pitch them to the class. There are about 70 students in the class, and after everyone presented, we voted on which ideas we thought were the best. Out of the 70 ideas, ten ideas were chosen, and from there we broke off into teams to work on our semester project which is planning and creating our businesses. I’m proud to say that my idea was one of the ones chosen, so on Monday I spent the class interviewing students who were interested in being in my group. Today I finalized my team, and I am excited to begin working and creating a solidified business plan!

I enjoy my other classes as well. My accounting class is very interesting, but it can stink sometimes because it’s at 8 in the morning. I enjoy waking up early, but my brain isn’t ready to think about assets and liabilities before 10 am. My Econ class is also very interesting, but for some reason the professor’s voice makes me want to fall asleep. Luckily there are no in class activities or an attendance policy for lectures, so some days I instead spend the hour and a half at the library taking notes on the chapter we’d go over in class and watching Khan Academy videos on the material. So far it has seemed to be more beneficial than his lectures, and I have scored well on all the homework. The only class I don’t enjoy is my Biology class. I find what we learn interesting, but I’ve never been a huge science guy… It’s too theoretical for me. I enjoy math and econ because I can see the problem that needs to be fixed, and once I complete it I’m able to see what I did step-by-step. Science, on the other hand, has always seemed imaginary and pointless since I’m unable to see an atom or chromosome outside of a diagram. I’m not saying science is fake, It’s undoubtedly real, I just prefer solving problems that I can see through logical thinking.

So far this semester has been going great! Next Monday I have my first two midterms, and hopefully if I work hard enough this week, I’ll do great on them. Thank you to all the people at Concord who support me and allow me to get a degree without going into insane amounts of debt. You guys are the best! Have a great start to your fall, and I will update you all next month and let you know how October goes!


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