Wrapping Up The Semester

Hi everyone, I hope you all had great Thanksgivings! This seems to happen every other post, but once again I’m sorry for posting this blog a few days late. I’m the worst when it comes to remembering dates. Maybe it’s just that school makes the days fly by, but every month when it seems like it should be the 20th or so, I look at a calendar and it really ends up being the first of the following month.

November was a good month for me. Nothing too exciting happened academically, but now that it’s over I am on the verge of finals. I have two presentations this week, then three exams next week, and after that I will be off for Winter Break! I’m very excited to be off for break, but I’m a little nervous for finals. I have plenty of time to study and prepare this week, but the material this year is much more challenging than in years past. I know everything will turn out fine though! I kind of enjoy the mild stress that comes with finals. I have ADHD so sometimes the extra pressure helps motivate me to stay focused. I’m not a huge fan of the stress that can come along with presentations though.

It’s weird because I am an extrovert who loves talking to new people, but for whatever reason I don’t like public speaking. I had a management presentation a few weeks ago, and I was a little nervous because my class is around 100 students and they’re job was to treat my presentation as a pitch to investors, so I knew they were all very engaged. I went up to present and I started off fine, but about one minute in, I stumbled over a few words and absolutely panicked. I kept presenting and apparently the outside of my body was able to remain calm and collected, but inside my brain was yelling “You gotta get out of here. There’s the door. Run!”. Luckily though I was able to acknowledge the humor and absurdity of what would happen if I actually ran out in the middle of a presentation, which calmed me down and helped me deliver a more relaxed presentation. My presentation this Friday is basically a rerun of the one I did a few weeks ago, but with changes made based on feedback from my peers. Even though I don’t like public speaking, I know that if I practice it this week everything will go fine.

Thanks for spending the time to read this. I wish I had more to talk about, but my November was pretty uneventful. I can’t wait to update you all on how my finals go, and I hope you all have an awesome Winter Break and a Happy Holidays!

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