October Blog

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post! I’ve had a very busy yet productive fall semester. In addition to my classes, I started working as a bouncer at a local college bar by my house. Although it can be tiring at times, I’ve met some awesome coworkers who are now my friends, and it has been really nice being able to make a little extra grocery money. One of my coworkers is in my managerial economics class too which works out great because he understands Excel much better than I do, so sometimes on slow nights he tutors me through homework assignments. Working as a bouncer has also taught me to find a balance between being patient yet assertive, which I think is a very important trait to have in life since it’s important that you don’t get pushed around, yet no one wants to be seen as mean guy all the time.

Working as a bouncer has also exposed me to people from all walks of life which can be both good and bad. A pretty extreme situation of this happened last weekend. On Saturday nights we have a police officer hang out outside with the door guys just in case anything too serious happens. While the police officer was hanging outside he recognized a guy through the window as a wanted fugitive. The cop told my boss and decided that the best plan was to find a way to get him outside since making an arrest inside a crowded bar would be risky and difficult. My boss then assembled a team of bouncers and me and a few of my coworkers casually approached the guy in question. “Hey man, we’ve been getting some complaints that you’re being a little outta control. We haven’t noticed anything, but do you mind if we talk about it outside quick and smooth it all over?” we told him. He was friendly and compliant and followed us outside. Once we got outside, we asked him what he thought people might be complaining about, and as he began to answer, the cop snuck up from behind, put him in cuffs, and told him he was under arrest.

Initially, I felt kind of bad since the guy had been nothing but compliant with me and the other bouncers. However, this feeling was completely reversed once the police officer gave us the rundown. Apparently the guy was wanted for attempted murder, and had posted bail but skipped out on his court date… Never would have guessed it by talking to him. Pretty random story, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of one of my more eventful work experiences!

As much as I enjoy my job as a bouncer, I hope to transition into commercial real estate next summer since that is what I plan on doing as a career. I have been networking with people in this industry, and I hope to set up some informational interviews this winter which I hope will lead to either an internship or entry level job next summer! I’ll keep you guys posted on how my informational interviews and networking goes, and I hope you all have an awesome November.



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