November Blog

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and are enjoying the beginning of winter. Nothing too eventful happened this past month so this blog post may be on the shorter side, but nevertheless here is an update of where I’m at as the weeks tick away into the second semester.

Since I transferred from ISU freshmen year, I will need to take 6 extra credits in the fall in order to graduate. During November though, I talked to my academic adviser, and since I am so close to the credit requirement I will be able to walk this spring and can take my remaining classes part time in the fall. After I got that out of the way, I registered for classes and I am very happy with my schedule. This Spring, I will be taking an Options and Futures markets class, Food and Ag sales, food production, an interviewing and communications class, and finally a real estate finance course. I am most excited for my real estate finance course because I hope to go into commercial real estate after I graduate college.

To help me achieve this goal, I have been networking with family friends in the industry, and have been scheduling informational interviews to learn more and hopefully end up with a internship or job next summer. The week before thanksgiving I met with a guy who was recommended to me by a family friend, and I ended up walking away with a ton of valuable information. After the interview, he gave me a list of people I should reach out to, so hopefully some of those will pan out as well and I can continue to learn more.

All in all November was a great month. I hope you all had fantastic Novembers as well, and I’ll update you at the end of December on how all my finals go!

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