A Pretty Weird March

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe while this virus blows over. I was actually in Europe when the borders got shut down because I was visiting a friend who was studying abroad, which made the situation all the more hectic. I had bought tickets in the early fall because flights to Dublin were ridiculously cheap at the time. My plan was to fly to Dublin and then immediately catch one of those carry-on-only hopper flights to Barcelona, stay for the week, spend a few days alone in Prague, and then return to Dublin where I would fly back to the states. The beginning of the trip went fairly smooth, and I had a great time visiting my friends in Barcelona. Everything went sideways though when early Wednesday morning at about 3am, I got the news that the borders were shutting down Friday at midnight. I was alone in Prague at this point, but I kept a cool head, immediately bought one of the last hopper flights to London, packed up my bags, and boogied on out to the airport by 4am. From there I flew to London, took a bus to the main airport, and then was luckily able to convince Delta to reschedule my flight home and fly out Friday morning.

Once I made it back to the states I quarantined at my mom’s house until my test results came back. Luckily for me, I did not have coronavirus and I was able to move back into my apartment at the University of Minnesota. Since I’ve moved back, I’ve spent most of my time adjusting to our new online schedule, keeping up to date on classes, and trying to find new hobbies to keep me occupied. Once all the puzzles and board games are completed, I think I’ll download Rosetta Stone and try to learn a new language.

Overall, March has been pretty crazy, but I’m happy that I’m finally settled back into the new online structure and I plan on crushing all my classes this semester. I hope you all are staying healthy and hopefully before we know it we’ll be back to life as normal. Stay safe guys, I’ll touch back next month!

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